V I C K I  T E A G U E - C O O P E R

I have always been concerned with extremes—darkness & light, destruction & survival, seduction & fear—and how these opposites can occupy the same space in a symbiotic unity. It is an illusory space, an atmosphere in which to move and experience submerged information.
For several years now, I have worked with ideas/images concerning the natural world. Using elemental, organic & botanical imagery, with conceptual contexts from various sources (alchemy, Buddhism, animism, etc.), I have developed a personal language—a lexicon of archetypes, a symbolic language in a constant state of metamorphosis. I use these images of egg, cone, bone, branch, leaf, bowl etc. repeatedly, but in a continuously changing context. It’s about encountering unexpected objects in deliberately romantic ‘landscapes’ or environments.
I have always been a painter, but recently have been working in three dimensions with a body of work called The Natural Order. I think of these pieces as ‘still life installations’. By using a combination of painting, digitally manipulated/created images, text, natural objects, etc. I try to create layers of information—a tableau of images that resonate with each other to create a whole.
Vicki Teague-Cooper, Santa Fe, 2013

Photo:  2011 by Karen Kuehn

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